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The idea of worshiping women and lifting them on a pedestal higher than anything else in their lives is certainly not new. Many men seem to gravitate towards thinking of women as something divine that they must worship and look up to. Today, however this female worship has an entirely new meaning in the context of gender equality and feminism and I want to take a look at it more closely…

Female worship is not a formal practice that you’ll find much written about.  That doesn’t mean it has no meaning.  I consider female worship the pattern of behavior that leads men in particular to treat a woman or sometimes all women undeservedly as something greater than human. The key word here is undeservedly.

Of course, treating anyone as greater than human is not good because it’s obviously false. But what makes female worship stand out is that there seems to be no real connection between the woman’s true virtues and the worship that she receives from men. She is just worshiped for being a woman. I call it undeserved because being female is no more a virtue than being male. As blatantly obvious as that sentence may be, it’s amazing how many men can’t seem to get away from female worship and don’t even want to…

Paige Harrison


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