Female-Led Coaching Program

You can discover the benefits of a Female-Led Relationship and Lifestyle.

I am once again offering a personal Female-Led Coaching Program.

This service brings great benefits without appointments or high cost.  The program is effective and convenient for couples or as an individual seeking to learn how to implement your strategies.  

A $125 monthly fee will provide you with access to my individualized coaching services that are specifically tailored to your needs.  No matter where you are located, I am able to provide you with the individual coaching that will guide you toward the Female-Led Lifestyle that you are seeking.

I have helped hundreds of men and women achieve relationship success in their pursuit of implementing Female-Led into their lives.  

No topics are off limits.  Some of the topics that may interest you are:

  • Wife Controlled Marriage
  • Getting Started
  • Methods to Develop Your FLR
  • Living In FLR
  • Positive Learning
  • Task Driven Leadership
  • Delivering Discipline
  • Achieving Financial Control
  • Control the Zipper
  • Establishing Rules
  • Serving Her Sexually
  • Becoming Submissive To Her
  • The Power Of The Vagina
  • Goddess Worship

To learn more about this service please contact me at Paige@Paige-Harrison.com