FLR Making The News


I am a teenage boy who is a Senior in High School and I have noticed a trend in who now runs the school…girls.

Girls are increasingly dominate in essentially all advanced representation in my high school. The Valedictorians in my school have been all female the past three years and our High School Student Council is 90 percent female. only two boys serve on it. Girls completely surpass boys in merit.

At the end of every year my high school profiles the senior class and reports on where all the seniors are going to be attending college or university the upcoming fall.  Not only do females always make up more than half of the representation, but the colleges and universities they have been accepted to attend are the more prestigious and difficult in terms of acceptance.

In my Economics class. we debate many topics and it is by no surprise to me that it is always the girls taking charge of the debates.

Men have been dominant because we as a gender have forced our dominance with no reason, but that is changing as more and more girls are rising and are showcasing their talent and intellect. It is becoming clear who’s truly superior. 


This reader’s school is a fair representation of women’s rising intellectual  dominance across the country and globe.  Girls are competing and getting better grades. Girls taking over student leadership. Girls sweeping academic awards. Girls graduating at higher rates.  Girls getting into better universities.  Confident, gifted, and ambitious, girls are outclassing their male counterparts in almost everything.they do.

The societal evolution that is transpiring is quite evident. “Equality” is not the word that comes to mind when one looks at the data, but rather “Female Dominance.”  While many young males are full of false bravado, many others like our dear male reader are awakening to – and accepting the future, a Female Dominant Society.