Exclusively For You ~ Tantric Sensual Massage

Experience A Tantric Yoni Massage

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a sensual massage in an upscale environment and discover your inner Goddess please consider scheduling a massage at Exclusively For You Sensual Massage.

To make an appointment contact me at Paige@Paige-Harrison.comVarious discounts are available and occasionally a complimentary session can be arranged.  Student Rates are very affordable.  

Exclusively For You Massage is a massage service that I operate with specially trained massage therapists who is service oriented.  Your masseuse has skilled hands along with a deep knowledge of Tantra and very high standards which will provide you with an exquisite sensual massage experience.  My male giver massage staff are ‘on call’ to cater to all of your needs.  Just contact me at Paige@Paige-Harrison.com to schedule a massage appointment.  Early morning, daytime or evenings are available.

Your massage is completely private and is within an Upscale Luxury Condo in the Chicago Loop that is in close proximity to all hotels.  My studio has a private entrance that is discreet – No elevator or doorman to deal with. Shower before and after your treatment. Relax in a sensual library room that is dimly lit with candles and music of your choice.

Alternatively, schedule an Out Call to your Chicago Hotel or residence.

You will meet with a discreet, upscale professional therapist; 5 foot 11 inches tall Caucasian male with Blue eyes who is distinctively attractive, articulate and creative. A phone conversation with complete verification prior to your scheduled appointment will ease all concerns.  Be assured that my massage therapists are professionals and respect any boundaries you set.

Enjoy a full body sensual massage that will eliminate your stress and will stimulate and encourage the release of your feminine energy.  It’s much more than a mental thing…… if you allow the mind to ‘lose it,’ your body will follow and your feminine energy will flow.

Your dedicated professional therapist is very attentive and service oriented. I am located in an upscale condo that is convenient to parking, cabs and public transportation and is a perfect location for a morning or afternoon break. With Great Hands and being Highly Creative with Excellent Communication skills he has the know how to guide you to total relaxation.

Professionally licensed.

All Women are beautiful; no concerns about body type or age.

Relationship experts such as Laura Berman, Helen Fisher and Susan Rako all agree that being well cared for and touched is essential for health and well being and is an important element of life.


Do something today that is just about you and discover your power and sensuality!

During the session the therapist is completely focused on your needs. For a special treat, request the enhanced sensual techniques which are given as a part of the Tantric Yoni Experience.   A Tantric Yoni Massage is an appreciation of your Feminine Power and is available upon request.  A Yoni Massage focuses on the power within and is believed to be beneficial to enhancing self esteem, promoting creativity, advancing emotional healing and achieving a firmer skin tone. This massage promotes the release of oxytocin, will combat depression, build confidence, and improve antibody defenses, including breast cancer prevention.

All Limits are Respected.

Life is about experiences and if you are considering something like this please contact me to schedule an appointment.

If you enjoy being pampered, you will be glad you did!

Contact me at Paige@Paige-Harison.com to schedule an appointment.