Worshipful Husband


Thank You for your insights.  Your email coaching has given me guidance and inspiration.

I realized that to be happy in a marriage I needed to reveal myself to my wife.  As a man with strong submissive tendencies, I tried to keep that from her.

I derive enormous sexual satisfaction from going down on my Wife.  I have now communicated this to her and she was quite surprised to hear me say this.  I told her that I wanted to learn how to love her better.

I rarely ejaculate or have any kind of orgasm.  When I am between her legs, something happens in my mind, because I am never more turned on than when I am lowered beneath her.  When I am between her legs, that moment is all about surrendering and giving Her Pleasure, and it satiates me because I truly desire her, and crave her.

I needed to tell her many things that I had withheld.  I was not content in our relationship and my keeping these secrets had an impact on our marriage.  The communication has opened up a new path and we are now pursuing FLR as a goal.

Because of this, I have discovered my Wife in a totally new light, and my love for Her has never been stronger. Thank you for encouraging me to state my desires clearly and to have the courage to see what happens.

I now know that being submissive doesn’t mean being passive.

We are now on the path towards a FLR.  

Thank you for your help.