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Paige Harrison

Paige Harrison is a Chicago based author, life coach and business owner who is assertively an advocate of Female Led Relationships. and offers email coaching, telephone coaching and in person coaching appointments for individuals and couples.  

Paige Harrison coined the term, 'Female-Led' as a relationship lifestyle in 2004.  The idea of cherishing and worshiping women and lifting them on a pedestal is certainly not a new relationship concept.  

A Female Led relationship places the woman in the leadership role.  The greater the imbalance of power in the relationship, the greater the erotic potential. Whatever side of the relationship you are on, take your foot off the brake pedal and go full speed ahead!

Consider a true and honest confession of your feelings to your wife or significant other and express your submissive feelings without reservation and let her know how important and powerful she is to you.  

Become Her Male-Lesbian Lover

Paige Harrison can help you with Female Led Relationship Strategies such as to becoming her Male-Lesbian Husband. 

If this apppeals to you contact Paige Harrison to learn more. at Paige@Paige-Harrison.com  

Sensual Massage

A sensual massage experience is available to individuals and couples and will provide relaxation and give you that special feeling.  

A Yoni Massage is available to women interested in developing her feminine energy and power which can be helpful in establishing a Female Led Relationship.  

Personalized Services

On Line and Telephone FLR Coaching

Paige Harrison is a Life Coach who will help you develop a FLR strategy 

Yoni Massage

Paige Harrison provides massage services to assist relaxation and discovering your feminine energy and power.  A Yoni Massage can inspire a woman to take control of her destiny and establishing a Female Led Relationship   

Transgender Online Coaching

Paige Harrison provides Transgender Coaching to assist you towards living the life you deserve


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